Recognised as one of the iconic leaders in the ‘French Modern & Post War Contemporary Art’ movement Chubac has been described as the artist of ‘Geometric Poetry.’ Born in 1925 in Geneva, he graduated from the city’s École des Beaux-Arts then travelled and painted around the Mediterranean. His first exhibition was in Athens in 1949.

In 1952, he bought a house in Aspremont, in the South of France and became involved with the famous ’École de Nice art movement, taking an active role by helping and working together with many of the cutting edge artists in the region. He was the first artist of the École de Nice to be exhibited in the USA, in 1960.

Like his contemporary Joan Miro, Chubac pioneered the use of primary colours, simple lines and geometric shapes. He became fascinated with optical research and applications and the effect they had on the human psyche. His artwork gives simple enjoyment  – similar in a way to children’s toys; the brightness of pure colour and  the clear volumes of primary geometry.

Jenny Pat, Art presenter and international art expert; TV series; ‘Dealers’ says, “This is the best time to buy works from special artists such as Albert Chubac, as the demand for the work of influential French Modern & Post-War artists increases. That is why I have personally invested in this artist.” (2011)

International awareness
In the last two years Albert Chubac and his art have  featured in the Dealers TV series (Discovery Network, 200 + countries), British Airways Inflight programming; Investment Art, a solo exhibition in Hong Kong, The Player bookazine and the cover of Elle Décor International Magazine, accompanying  feature articles. According to market research, in the last five years the sales of his works have increased dramatically by +78%. (Source: K. Patel Report; Sotheby’s, Christies, Artnet, JS Altmann and JN Investment Art)

Over 100 works by Albert Chubac are featured in the prestigious Modern & Contemporary Art Museum in Nice, some displayed alongside works by the legendary Yves Klein and other leading post war contemporary artists.

Albert Chubac died in 2008, aged 83.

Albert Chubac

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