Like a moth drawn to the light, I stopped in my tracks and peered into the multicolour blur through the window.

Big deal, bright neon lights in Soho. So What? No. Not this many in one room.

It was the artist Chris Bracey who was responsible for the iconic neon glow which light up the streets of Soho. Bracey sadly passed away on 1st November 2014 after battling prostate cancer, so it seems fitting his 40 year career is to displayed where it all began. You may have even seen some of his work on the big screen in films such as Batman, Blade Runner and even Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

While Bracey may be renown for his seedy signs for the adult Soho market, the exhibition shows there is much more to his work than this. Witty, thought-provoking and powerful quotations are brought to life. The craft also has to be admired too.

Chris Bracey