It’s hard to believe that for Danny Minnick art has only been a passion for the last few years. Painting provided a creative alternative to skateboarding after an injury, and after a breakout solo show in 2011, Minnick rapidly rose to fame in the contemporary art world.

Just a few years on, he is now a highly collected artist. Minnick’s work features in the collections of celebrities such as basketball star LeBron James, American filmmakers Nick Cassavetes and Gus Van Sant, musicians Fred Durst and Jamie Hince, and actresses Mena Suvari and Jessica Alba.

While he may not yet be a household name in the UK, Minnick has been accepted as a key emerging artist in the US for some years now, and it’s only a matter of time before this trend goes international. Choose to buy Danny Minnick art as an investment, and you can enjoy his work and potentially profit from rising value in the coming years.

The journey to becoming an artist

Danny Minnick grew up in Seattle, landing a successful career as a professional skateboarder in his early teenage years. However, a career-ending Achilles tendon injury led his life in another direction.

Once an artist friend showed him how to stretch canvases, Minnick began experimenting with painting, channelling his energy and creativity into a new medium. His hobby soon become a profession, as he was offered his first gallery exhibition shortly after.

Danny Minnick’s art inspirations

While Minnick has moved away from skateboarding professionally, his art brings plenty of energy, passion and movement from his earlier experiences. Indeed, he cites Ray Pettitbon skateboard graphics as a major artistic influence, as well as other skateboarders turned artists such as Mark Gonzales, Neil Blender and Chad Muska.

He also acknowledges the influence of street artist RETNA, as well as musicians Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. “One of my favourite things Basquiat said was that music is how we decorate time,” Minnick explains, “and when I listen to Jimi Hendrix I see his paintings.”

Danny Minnick art combines many styles

Danny Minnick art is a unique style of abstract expressionism, with a riot of dark colour, thick paint, layer upon layer of pigments, fragments, splinters, brush and splatter work.

His work reflects clear influences from various names in the contemporary art scene. These include De Kooning’s bold brushstrokes, Pollock’s signature drips, Keith Haring’s cartoon imagery and Basquiat’s daring use of colour.

Minnick works with large canvases, citing poor eyesight, but this large scale also gives his work an overwhelming presence and immediate visceral effect. Sometimes he shuns canvases entirely, creating exhibitions from work painted directly onto the walls and floorboards of his studio.

He has also produced murals across the US which have gained worldwide attention. Minnick even collaborated with Jessica Alba to create a mural for her business The Honest Company.

An overflowing heart

On looking at Danny Minnick art, a “childlike sense of wonder and curiosity” is evident, as well as “a big, overflowing heart.” This is most clearly seen in ‘Character’ who features in many of his paintings, a plus sign in the design’s middle representing the positive energy that Minnick strives to share with the world.

Minnick has donated work to charities including LIFT, Art of Elysium and the Eastwood Ranch Foundation, and produced art for Cindy Crawford’s charity Best Buddies.

The artist is also an active supporter of environmental issues. Minnick’s 2017 exhibition “Power to the Planet” in LA featured over a dozen large-scale abstract creations – many painted directly onto boards from his studio floor – which explored the impact of human behaviour on the Earth and its wildlife.

One Love

Following his rise to fame in the US, Danny Minnick art is now set for even bigger successes. Maddox Gallery is presenting the artist’s first solo exhibition in the UK, entitled One Love.

The characters featured in Minnick’s paintings often remind viewers of Keith Haring’s work, and the 2017 exhibition will play on this creative connection. An entire series of new works on canvas will act as an homage to Haring, replacing one of the artist’s famous ‘twin’ figures with Minnick’s own trademark character.

Why buy Danny Minnick art as an investment

Minnick is making steps into the UK market, and it’s only a matter of time before his work really takes off. If you’d like to invest in Danny Minnick art, pay Maddox Gallery a visit in the heart of London’s Mayfair. Our Sotheby’s-trained art investment consultants are happy to tell visitors more about our roster of talented artists.

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