Dean Fox is a traditional and neon artist from Essex.

After studying fine art and illustration at the prestigious academy of art Central St Martins, he started his career as a junior at a top London based agency producing visuals, storyboards and illustrations for a wide range of commercial clients. After working for many years in this field Dean decided to return to his first passion of oil painting and fine art.

Dean’s work can only be described as a combination of old and new, combining traditional skills of drafting and oil painting with neon elements installed and interacting with the subject on the panel. The neon element represents spirit, a light beyond the usual spectrum of colour. It is through these collaborations of mediums that enables Dean to define the indefinable and speak the unspeakable.

Every piece created by Dean has a spiritual connotation. They are often heavily subjective, frequently using the figure as a means to convey a story, message or mood. His true aim is to push the medium of how neon is being used subjectively within art. The compositions are featured around the neon installment yet Dean tries to use it as minimally as possible to complement but not overpower the painting as a whole, which results in his truly unique works.

Dean Fox

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