Having created a range of world-renowned design products, Finn Stone has taken his love of diverse materials and eccentric creations into the realm of sculpture art. In particular, the works that are gaining the most attention are his paintings created from paintbrushes.

The evolution of Finn Stone art

London-born Finn Stone is an artist incredibly proud of his roots and Irish parentage, crediting this eclectic background for his creative, flamboyant and eccentric style.

His exuberant energy, joy of life and strength of conviction provide an inexhaustible source of inspiration, which embraces the most diverse creative disciplines. Stone’s artwork can involve materials ranging from aluminium and fibreglass to re-purposed everyday household items such as paintbrushes, Lego and toy cars.

Somewhat of a sculptural harlequin, he creates work that is juxtapositioned to challenge the banal as he simultaneously tips his hat to his own dream world. Stone’s one-off sculptural pieces are a by-product of his lateral thinking and are often dripping in absurdity.

Finn StoneFinn Stone

Inspiration from old masters

Stone recreates popular masterpieces in his unique style, imagining some of history’s most important paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Andy Warhol, Picasso and Vincent van Gogh in a brand new light.

Vincent van Gogh in particular is clearly a huge influence on Stone, who has recreated various works by the legendary impressionist artist. For instance, Vincent van Gogh (2016) uses oils and cut paintbrushes set on board to recreate Self-Portrait, Spring 1887.

Taking a closer look, it’s incredible to see the true depth of Stone’s technique. Recreated images are instantly recognisable, yet Stone’s imaginative use of paintbrushes give these classics several stunning new dimensions.

Why our clients choose to buy Finn Stone art

It’s clear that Stone is on the way to becoming a firm favourite in the world of contemporary art investment, attracting national attention with his quirky and highly engaging artworks.

We’re seeing a growing number of visitors looking to buy Finn Stone art at Maddox Gallery. As soon as we get a new piece in, we sell it almost immediately, and clients often approach us asking when new pieces will be available and requesting specially commissioned pieces.

Each of Stone’s works takes months to prepare, which is no real surprise considering the large scale and painstaking detail of his pieces. His works represent outstanding display pieces and conversation focal points, as well as potentially rewarding art investments.

For instance, Vincent van Gogh (2016) stands at 63x46cm, while Francis Bacon (2016) tribute is an astonishing 176x150cm in size, and features used tubes of paint as well as cut paintbrushes and oils on board. The large scale and engaging composition of these works bring life to the gallery and to the homes his collectors.


Invest in Finn Stone

If you are looking to purchase Finn Stone art to take centre stage in your home, or simply to add to your contemporary collection, pay a visit to Maddox Gallery. Our Sotheby’s-trained art consultants are happy to speak with you more about Finn Stone’s work, career so far and future prospects.

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