Kfir Moyal is a Miami based pop artist. His work is largely associated with the Swarovski crystals, pop culture icons and for the commissioned pieces as requested by his clients. Kfir grew up in Israel and although he studied business management and not art, he ways always drawn to creating and working with his hands. He grew up an only son to a family of four sisters, and spent much of his years in Israel working in his family’s business.

In 2008 when Kfir left Israel to pursue a career in art, he initially made Atlanta his home for a year and then in 2009 moved to Miami, where he established his studio.

While creating his portfolio and creating his art endeavours/career , he worked a few small time jobs, personal gym training and bar tending. With a prosperous art career he can solely depend on his art to support his work and travels.

His gravitation to art grew as he became more immersed in creating art ideas and Kfir’s commissioned clientele have Paris Hilton, Gloria Estefan, FlorRida, L’il Kim, Miami Housewives Lea Black, reality business entrepreneur Jonathon Cheban, tennis plater Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, rapper Supapat, Israeli singer Ido Harel Skaat, the Blind Side family – the Tuohy;s, as well as Formula One family – the Ecclestone’s. Kfir has also been involved actively with giving back to the community to causes to the Miami Children’s Hospital and various outlets of the cancer society.

Many of his pieces are seen at fine art galleries domestically and internationally. He has recently partnered up with TUI Lifestyle to create a brand of furniture in their Design District Miami, New York and Laz Vegas locations.

Kfir Moyal

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