In our opinion, Layer Cake art represents some of the most investable contemporary work available in the market today.

Thanks to more established names such as Banksy, street art is now a highly respected artistic genre which commands high levels of interest, and can potentially see huge increases in value over time.

If you’re hoping to view, discuss or even buy Layer Cake art, please pay us a visit. We have two galleries in London’s Mayfair, and Sotheby’s trained art consultants are on hand to advise our visitors and tell them more about each artwork on display.

Why invest in Layer Cake art

It’s likely that you’ve already come across Layer Cake art on social media, or in person on the streets of New York. Also known as Sean Sullivan, Layer Cake is the latest street artist to achieve global recognition and success.

Having previously been involved in music production and fashion design, many art collectors are now choosing to invest in Layer Cake and his unique creations. In less than two years of painting professionally, he has taken Instagram by storm and exhibited in galleries around the world – including Maddox Gallery.

Who is Layer Cake?

Born and raised in the Bronx, Manhattan, Layer Cake is a multi-faceted artist. Entering the street art world at a young age, he cites fellow Maddox artists Banksy and Mr Brainwash as key influences for his work, as well as fellow New York graffiti artists Tracy 168 and Futura.

“I’m a real New Yorker,” he has asserted. “My family has been here for four generations. I’ve painted and learned from some real masters. Everything I do now comes from my experience, travels and battles of being from the greatest city in the world.”

“I didn’t look up to athletes or movie stars growing up,” he states. “I didn’t fantasize about being an astronaut or a doctor… I fantasized scaling gates to paint the tunnels.”

“I wanted to live under the train tracks that showed me every morning the beautiful layups and master pieces painted on the sides of the 4 train.”

Layer Cake
Layer Cake

Creating a street art layer cake

Layer Cake art is an homage to his New York upbringing, and his compositions are deep with texture as a direct result of this. His paintings are a combination of different ideas, produced using different materials and mediums.

“I have a fascination with this stuff in New York, how everything is… on top of each other,” he explains. “All the graffiti is on top of each other, the advertisements are on top of each other… that’s why my work looks the way it looks, it’s because of the strong influence New York City has on me.”

He often uses cartoon characters and pop culture icons such as Pink Panther and Popeye, as well as classic pin up imagery and other vintage iconography. Mixed media pieces often incorporate full collaged pages of vintage comics, completed with his trademark stencils.

Layer Cake art also adheres to a certain set of traditions, with strong symbolism in his works.

“In every painting, someone is going to have a halo over their head, three dots – which are tattooed on my hand and stand for my crazy life – and a heart somewhere in there which symbolizes how art saved my life from a very, very bad path.”

“Art is now calling first before anything… I think this is it, I don’t ever have to retire from being an artist.”

Buy Layer Cake art at Maddox Gallery

If you’re looking to purchase work by Layer Cake as an investment, or simply to enjoy in your home, pay us a visit at Maddox Gallery. Based in the heart of London’s Mayfair, we have Sotheby’s-trained art investment consultants on hand to offer advice and support.

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