It is our considered opinion that Lincoln Townley is set to become a truly iconic contemporary artist and portraitist. Described by Sir Michael Caine as the new Andy Warhol, and compared by others to Francis Bacon, his artworks are taking the world by storm.

Now is an excellent time to buy Lincoln Townley art, as he continues to attract celebrity fans and begins to achieve extraordinary sales. We’re delighted to exhibit various pieces from Townley’s various collections at Maddox Gallery, Mayfair. Please get in contact to learn more about the artworks available for purchase.

Why invest in Lincoln Townley

A relatively unknown figure just four years ago, Lincoln Townley art was stored underneath his bed, the paint still wet on the canvas. Today, these same artworks are selling for undisclosed sums, often before even arriving at exhibitions, and hanging on the walls of celebrities and collectors. He has even seen one painting sell for an incredible £1 million.

Lincoln Townley has seen his work explode in popularity overnight, and the artist is set to star in upcoming documentary 93 No’s, which will examine how he was turned away by 93 art galleries before making his breakthrough.

The value of Lincoln Townley art rose 200 per cent in two years, and is likely to continue this upwards trend. West Ham co-chairman David Sullivan has been collecting Townley’s work for five years, and claims to have already seen over 800 per cent increase on his investment.

Due to their extraordinary increase in value, it seems pertinent to buy Lincoln Townley art sooner than later if you’re looking to profit from an art investment.

Lincoln Townley art courts controversy

Townley first achieved fame for producing dark and electrifying portraits of Hollywood stars, including Russell Brand, Gary Oldman, Sir John Hurt, Robert Downey Jr. and Charlie Sheen.

Created from memories of his own debauchery and drug-fuelled chaos, Townley has a visceral relationship with his canvases, and perfectly captures the beautiful, creative and volatile forces at play within the celebrity world.

Lincoln Townley
Lincoln Townley

Celebrity associations

Lincoln Townley’s installations have shown at The National Gallery, The Royal Academy and the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. However, he is also a celebrated artist on a global scale.

As BAFTA artist-in-residence in Los Angeles, he has been commissioned to create portraits in celebration of the award’s honourees, including Jodie Foster, Samuel L. Jackson, Ewan McGregor, Orlando Bloom, Harrison Ford, Amy Schumer and Meryl Streep.

Townley was also commissioned by Los Angeles Fashion Week to paint seven of the world’s most iconic supermodels. Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Cara Delevingne, Helena Christensen, Heidi Klum and Christine Brinkley featured in the series.

Lincoln Townley art achieves record prices

Lincoln Townley’s diamond-encrusted portrait of Princess Diana, featured in a frame studded with sapphires, was sold for an astonishing £1 million in June 2017 and set a new record for the artist.

His diamond and ruby-encrusted gold portrait of President Donald Trump also sold for an undisclosed sum less than an hour after being exhibited at Maddox Gallery. This was Townley’s fastest selling piece in his career to date, garnering interest from art collectors in three different countries. The painting forms part of Townley’s Diamond Dust Collection, a series of celebrity portraits which each use gold leaf and up to £50,000 of diamond dust.

“I did not paint Trump to glorify him as an icon,” Townley explained. “I painted him because his extraordinary self publicity machine has made an icon of him.”

The Diamond Dust Collection also features portraits of Kate Moss and Muhammad Ali, both of which fetched more than £500,000 in 2016. These extraordinary sales reflect the growing audience looking to invest in Lincoln Townley, and the artist’s continued rise to fame.

Recent works include a new portrait of Andy Warhol, which sold for an undisclosed sum and will be on show in the Maddox Gallery in Mayfair, and a portrait of Sir Richard Branson unveiled as part of Townley’s forthcoming business ICON collection. Continuing his theme of painting famous and influential muses, Townley described Sir Richard as a “philanthropist, a risk taker and, above all, an inspiration,” who “understands the grit it takes to succeed.”

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