Lincoln Townley (born 1972) is a successful British contemporary painter and portraitist. The paintings he produces have a unique pulse and flicker he exhausts the paint, his vigorous strokes of the brush entangle the spectators nervous system and draw across the eye like barbed wire, frantic to look away you are mesmerised at their grandeur.

Created from memories of debauchery and drug-fuelled chaos Lincoln’s visceral relationship with his canvases come from the most unexpected places. Lincoln Townley became famous for creating the most vivid insight into producing electrifying portraits of Hollywood stars such as Russell Brand, Gary Oldman, Sir John Hurt, Robert Downey Jr. and Charlie Sheen to name a few.

Much of Lincoln Townley’s work is sold before it even arrives at his gallery exhibitions, his installations have shown at The National Gallery, The Royal Academy and the ICA in London. His collections are celebrated and presented globally.

What the critics say… “Once these images were stuffed under his bed, still wet. Today they hang on the walls of celebrities and collectors, the value of his pieces having risen 200 per cent in the last two years.” Sarah Oliver, Daily Mail, 17th October 2015.

Lincoln Townley
Lincoln Townley

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