Recently referred to as the new “Helmut Newton” Tony Kelly, originally from Dublin but now based in Los Angeles is a world renowned name in Fine Art photography, with his work frequently gracing the pages of global titles such as Playboy, GQ and Vogue.

Tony started his photography career at the Independent Newspaper Group, spending his formative years covering conflicts such as the civil war in Rwanda, and then Afghanistan.
After eight years of covering conflict, Tony moved his focus to fashion. Unsurprisingly considering his apprenticeship in the world of news photography, he’s not afraid of emotions or flesh.

Tony Kelly’s photography trademarks are dynamism, sex, relationships, boundaries that are transgressed, beautiful men, beautiful women, ugly emotions, ecstasy, ferocious colour, and darkest black.
Spontaneity capturing a moment in time – and out there voyeurism are key aspects to his work.

What the critics say….
PHOTO Magazine has stated that his images “play with humour and provocation” and that “His flashy style has conquered the world of fashion”.

James Mullinger, Photo Editor of GQ Magazine described him as a “modern genius” who works “at an incredible pace”.

Tony Kelly
Tony Kelly

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