Seen by many as the new Helmut Newton, Tony Kelly is a world renowned name in fine art photography.

Kelly has worked as a fashion photographer with some of today’s biggest celebrities including Demi Lovato, Kate Upton, Adam Levine, Bruno Mars and even Justin Bieber. As a result, his eye-catching images have featured in some of the most prestigious fashion publications in the world, including Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair and Playboy.

Brands love him too, and Kelly has worked on international ad campaigns for American Apparel, Steve Madden and Mini.

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Why invest in Tony Kelly art?

Maddox Gallery is very proud to represent fashion and fine art photographer Tony Kelly in the UK. The talented, entertaining and always outrageous artist has evolved from news photographer to the most-sought-after name for celebrity shoots and global ad campaigns.

Having grown up in suburban Dublin, Kelly spent years in Rwanda and Afghanistan covering conflict for the Independent Newspaper Group. His photography career then took a new turn towards fashion, as he developed a symbiotic relationship with his adopted city of LA.

Over the years, the artist’s fine art portfolio has been steadily attracting attention. Tony Kelly art is also the subject of two books, Tony’s Toys and Taken! Entertaining Nudes.

The Getty family are reported to have purchased two of his pieces, and in 2015 alone, rising demand saw the value of his works grow by an astonishing 70%. For these reasons, we believe now is the perfect time to buy Tony Kelly art as an investment for the future, as the artist continues his climb to fame.

Tony Kelly
Tony Kelly

Carving out a cinematic style

Whether he is creating fine art, editorial covers or ad campaigns, Tony Kelly art generally resembles cinematic imagery, with each image telling a story.

“He has carved out a distinctive style in an age where everyone seems to believe they can be photographers,” says Paul Solomons, Creative Director for British GQ and GQ Style magazine. “He brings the pages of every publication he shoots for to life.”

Everything is larger and brighter than life, and Kelly demands a reaction from the viewer with over-blown, cartoon-like tropes. PHOTO Magazine stated that “his flashy style has conquered the world of fashion.”

“Kelly’s images have the kind of crystalline shiny sexiness that you almost want to lick off the page,” agrees Constance Harris, Fashion Editor for the Sunday Independent.

Peeling back the veneer

Given his experience in journalistic photography, it’s not surprising that Tony Kelly art is wholly unafraid of courting controversy.

Kelly’s photography trademarks are dynamism, sex, voyeurism, ecstasy, transgressed boundaries, beautiful people and ugly emotions. Shots often touch on a hunger for fame and every other kind of excess, and customarily have a pin-up quality, often including plenty of nudity and an indisputably sexual tone.

He uses the term hyperrealism to describe his work, but in truth his images “invite you to peel back the veneer and contemplate the subtext of his immaculately polished images.”

Tony Kelly art is made to entertain

Nevertheless, Tony Kelly identifies beauty and humour as the two key ingredients in all of his work, and admits he aims to always entertain the viewer.

“It’s an aspirational thing,” he says. “I give people an escape. We take reality, we gloss it up, and it becomes an escape for people.”

“Everything’s so disposable, and I think that has highlighted how mundane and boring a lot of the fashion photography is, because people are afraid. So my first objective is to be different.”

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