David Yarrow, “The Untouchables,” 2017

24 August 2017|news |James Nicholls

THE UNTOUCHABLES 1000x563 - David Yarrow, "The Untouchables," 2017

Maddox Gallery, London presents “The Untouchables,” a solo exhibition by leading wildlife photographer David Yarrow, in the gallery’s new space opening in Westbourne Grove.

David Yarrow (b. Glasgow, Scotland, 1966) has built a world-class reputation for producing images of the planet’s most remote landscapes, cultures, and endangered animals. His methods for enticing dangerous animals near enough to his lens include researching which animal is most attracted to what kind of scent and then coating his camera with it as he lays in wait. Yarrow’s work has been exhibited by some of the world’s leading galleries and his images are among the most sought after works in nature photography. Yarrow has a global book deal with Rizzoli New York and, in 2016, produced a flagship book titled “Wild Encounters,” featuring work from seven continents and many of the Earth’s most endangered species. Amazon awarded it “Best Art and Photography book of 2016.”

Maddox Gallery is fast emerging as one of the smartest young contemporary art destinations in London. With two Mayfair locations, the first a beautiful 3750 square foot Victorian townhouse in Maddox Street, the second in the heart of Shepherd Market, the Westbourne Grove gallery space is the company’s third gallery in London. Their roster of cutting edge international contemporary artists and photographers includes David Yarrow, Bradley Theodore, RETNA, The Connor Brothers, Dan Baldwin, Massimo Agostinelli, Chris Moon, Tyler Shields, Tony Kelly, Bran Symondson, and Michael Moebius.

The exhibition will be on view from September 15 through October 5, 2017 at Maddox Gallery, London, 112 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5RU, UK.

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