Art Bahrain

24 March 2017|press release |James Nicholls

FRD104371 1000x563 - Art Bahrain

Maddox Gallery are delighted to be exhibiting, for the first time, at the newly launched art fair, Art Bahrain. The curatorial theme of ‘Art Across Borders’ seeks to promote and encourage cross-cultural dialogue whilst showcasing some of the world’s most diverse and talented artists.

There are an array of acclaimed artists taking part, including popular Maddox Gallery artist Bradley Theodore, who will be at Art Bahrain and is taking part in a number of talks and events at the fair. Maddox Gallery’s eclectic mix and roster of international and UK artists, in keeping with Art Bahrain’s theme, include favourites such as RETNA, Bran Symondson, Simafra, Michael Moebius and Niclas Castello.

Art Bahrain showcases a mix of Bahraini and international, artistic talents and has been organized in collaboration with Bahrain Artists Across Borders, a project which was launched at the V&A Museum in May 2016.

Art Bahrain, welcomes Maddox Gallery alongside a host of worldwide artists and galleries including French Gallery, Galerie Charradeau, Samara Art Gallery from India and XVA Gallery from Dubai, to name just a few.

Taking place at Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre, there are a number of scheduled talks and events taking place alongside the art fair, which Maddox Gallery have been delighted to take part in. One of the most well-received talks involved popular Maddox artist Bradley Theodore, who enjoyed showcasing his vibrant painting technique and style during a live painting demonstration and talk about his work.

FRD10254 - Art Bahrain
Bradley Theodore standing with his finished work after his talk and live painting demonstration at ArtBAB 2017

Maddox Gallery Managing Director and Curator James Nicholls comments, “We are absolutely delighted to be able to take part in the newly-launched, Art Bahrain. Our roster of diverse, talented artist’s really epitomizes the theme of ‘Art Across Borders’ and the reception we’ve received here has been really fantastic. Art Bahrain promises to showcase and champion the sheer range of talent and unique styles that the exhibiting artists and galleries have on offer, and we have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this new, international, art event.”

ART BAHRAIN - Art Bahrain
Maddox Galleries stand at ArtBAB 2017
Maddox Galleries stand at ArtBAB 2017
FRD10311 - Art Bahrain
Maddox Galleries stand at ArtBAB 2017
FRD10100 - Art Bahrain
Maddox Galleries stand at ArtBAB 2017
FRD103311 - Art Bahrain
Maddox Galleries stand at ArtBAB 2017
FRD10323 - Art Bahrain
Maddox Galleries stand at ArtBAB 2017