Dan Baldwin’s latest solo show ‘A New Optimism’ to open at Maddox Gallery Westbourne Grove

08 March 2018|press release |Press

1249 Dan Baldwin 100218 1000x563 - Dan Baldwin's latest solo show 'A New Optimism' to open at Maddox Gallery Westbourne Grove

‘A New Optimism’, the latest collection by British artist Dan Baldwin, opens at Maddox Gallery Westbourne Grove on March 16th 2018.

Maddox Gallery has worked with the artist for several years now, and we are delighted to share his latest works with our visitors.

A New Optimism

A New Optimism was conceived during the turbulent months of the Trump election campaign and serves as the artist’s stance against a darkening global mood.

It also coincided with the artist swapping his small windowless studio of ten years for a new large sun-filled space, and embracing a fresh perspective of both scale and colour.

These new paintings reflect both the physical journey out from the darkness into the light, and a metaphysical journey characterised by an exciting new optimism.

“We have had to adopt fast to changes in both how we see ourselves and how we are perceived by the outside world resulting in a profound shift in our universal consciousness” – Dan Baldwin

A New Optimism features for the first time paintings on raw linen using deep washes of loose colour, children in forests and landscapes. Baldwin’s dreamlike canvases evoke ideas of nostalgia and memory, innocence and love, with a colour spectrum inspired by recent travels to the Greek Island of Lefkas and Rome.

The Artist

Synonymous with the provocative British art scene and a contemporary of artists such as Banksy, Tracey Emin and The Chapman Brothers, Baldwin has quietly garnered a reputation to match, becoming an established figure in the art world with a global following.

Born in Manchester in 1972, Dan initially studied at Eastbourne College of Art before completing a BA in Illustration from the Kent Institute of Art. He has since gone on to become one of the most prominent artists working in the UK today.

His multi- dimensional and ethereal work is found in international collections and institutions around the world. Now collected by his own major artistic influences Damien Hirst, Gilbert & George and Peter Blake, Baldwin is celebrated as one of the leading British artists of his generation.

“Looking at Dan’s work is like meeting old friends for me. It looks as though at some point in our careers we used the same casting agency. I am flattered that Dan writes that he was influenced by my work. It’s fascinating to see Mickey and all the chaps used in a newer different way, and I have really enjoyed his work” – Sir Peter Blake

Plan a visit to see the stunning new show for yourself between 16th March – 15th April 2018, at Maddox Gallery, 112 Westbourne Grove, London, W2 5RU.